Optimism is a valuable tool

Do you ever feel optimistic when you see a beautiful site? What is that experience like for you? What does optimism mean to you? It can make you smile, feel appreciative, and become hopeful. The above scene is located at Magnolia Plantation in Charleston, South Carolina. This photo was taken by a dear friend and business leader.

A valuable quality in today’s world, Optimism

  • Encourages leaders to be positive, take action and move forward
  • Builds strong leaders who can meet challenges and bring about positive results
  • Influences team members to model optimistic behavior as they grow

Advantages of being an optimist are that you:

  • See the opportunity
  • Focus on solutions
  • Not afraid of failure
  • Are a great communicator
  • Future oriented thinker
  • Use words of motivation and insight
  • Display a contagious happy attitude
  • Work effectively through collaboration
  • Maintain a positive success mindset

How to develop optimism

  • Create positive affirmations and apply positive thoughts
  • Avoid negative self talk
  • Take care of your health
  • Become a continuous learner
  • Help others
  • Position yourself with like-minded professionals
  • Take bolder action

As you demonstrate genuine optimism with others, you become more optimistic.

To learn more about how optimism impacts your leadership potential, please contact me for valuable tips on how to develop and project an optimistic attitude and behavior for yourself and others.

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