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Success is available to all business owners believes Shirlie Taylor, author, experienced mentor, business coach and leader. Shirlie guides professionals as they chart their path. Her lifetime of experience and accomplishments in sales and corporate management yield knowledge to benefit you, no matter your business type or industry.

Shirlie’s business coaching clients have exciting, positive outcomes using their personalized blueprint for success. She works with all types of businesses and individuals:

  • New business
  • Franchisee
  • Entrepreneurs.

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Meet Shirlie Taylor.

Shirlie conducts her practice with high regard for ethical decision making and professional standards. She coaches clients using an interactive, individualized process. She emphasizes:

  • Authentic leadership which brings about trust in the process
  • Belief in one’s goals which allows for ease in identifying and overcoming obstacles
  • Focus on the plan that develops and accomplishes results.

Dynamic Presentations & Workshops

Custom Created for Your Organization.

Tailored for your organization, presentations, workshops or seminars on topics of benefit to your staff are in high demand.

Shirlie Taylor is an engaging keynote speaker and workshop leader. Participants are energized to make positive changes in their business and personal lives. Each encounter offers real strategies and action plans to inspire improved work and life practices to get what you want out of life. 


  • Personal & Professional Presence
  • Professional Development
  • Be an Encourager
  • Business Etiquette


  • Goal Setting
  • Time Management Using Power Habits
  • Building Business Relationships
  • The Power of Intention
  • Sales Training
  • Clear Communication

Set Goals & Achieve Them.

Intention. Connection. Results.


Our Services are the key to improving and prospering. From one-to-one coaching to group Mastermind gatherings to Executive Business Coaching, we offer what you need to grow.

A Coach is someone who understands. A Coach is someone who offers hope and encouragement.

A Coach is someone who keeps you focused and accountable.

A certified professional Coach is your dedicated partner in success. Your certified professional Coach believes in your ability to reach your goals in business and in life.

Workshops with Shirlie Taylor, Coach

Why Coaching?

Coaching allows you to identify that which is most important, and set action steps to allow you to achieve your desired goals.

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Business Coaching

Business Coaching

Our Business and Personal Development Training is custom designed for clients at all professional levels.

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Mastermind Groups


An gathering of  individuals who share ideas, strategies, and challenges to inspire one another to success. Your think tank leaders.

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Improve and Change Your Life

Life Coaching

Enjoy your personal life with a higher level of satisfaction. Gain confidence in your vision. Attract success and set life direction.

Make the Connection

Coaching Results.

Testimonials from Clients.

Janet Collins

Gently exposed my weaknesses and encouraged my strengths

“I became stronger and more effective in not only my professional life, but also in my private affairs. With her always by my side, my business blossomed, my presence in the business community thrived, and my confidence became unshakable. I owe so many of my successes to Shirlie and her abilities.”

Janet Collins

Official Court Reporter, U. S. District Court. Eastern District of Virginia

Douglas Hart

Allowed me to do the necessary soul searching to find a career

“Shirlie opened up her “treasure trove” of a Rolodex, and got to work getting me introduced to many of the most influential players in the Charleston business community.

It was through the networking skills that I developed while working with Shirlie that I eventually discovered the right people at the right firm where I am currently…”

Douglas M. Hart

SVP, Director of Land Acquisition, Armada Development, Charleston

Hillary Hutchinson


She will take an active part in getting you results

“Shirlie is extremely easy to work with, and happy to actually make introductions to people that can help each other, rather than merely being a cheerleader from the sidelines. She will take an active part in getting you results for the time you spend together.”

Hillary Hutchinson

Hillary Hutchinson & Associates, LLC

The Power of Exceptional Leadership

The Leadership Book You MUST Read.

Esteemed coach and business consultant Shirlie Taylor has authored a book for everyone who wants to take the step into leadership.

A passionate, lifelong learner, Shirlie consolidates years of knowledge and experience into this readable, concise how-to book.

Act now to be an inspirational, confident and exceptional leader!

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Become the leader you know you can be.

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