“Courage is the finest of human qualities because it guarantees all the others.”

– Winston Churchill

Courage is a key characteristic of leadership. It enhances all of the other qualities recognized as being a leader. Sought after in business and day to day life, courage is a teachable skill when it comes to taking initiative and action. It shows confidence in others, as well as utilizing your own voice of influence. Your own courage will inspire you to encourage others.

Courage in the face of fear

Fear plays a role in being courageous. Courage cannot exist without fear. It is the fuel by which courage was born and built. It is action in the face of fear. When leaders lack courage, these are the top three behaviors that surface:

  • Avoidance
  • Hollow commitments
  • ‘Sheep’ syndrome – Will not think for themselves due to fear of being judged, excluded or wrong

Develop courage

  1. Speak the truth and speak it with conviction
  2. Be decisive and take action:
    • Gather information
    • Consider options
    • Identify possible consequences
    • Take action
    • Evaluate the outcome
  3. Request feedback and encourage pushback
  4. Spearhead change
  5. Stand up for others
  6. Stand up for what’s right

“The opposite of bravery is not cowardice, but conformity.” – Robert Anthony

Standing up for what’s right reveals three truths about one’s self:

  1. You strongly believe in a set of values and will defend them
  2. You are an independent thinker willing to assert yourself
  3. In the face of dissent or disagreement, you are courageous

Courage makes the difference!

To learn more about how courage impacts your leadership potential, please contact me for valuable tips on how to develop and project courage and how to encourage others.

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