Respect yourself and others

As the value we place on the beauty of a long living oak, so do we place that huge amount of value on the respect of others as well as respect for ourselves.

What is respect?

Respect is honor. It is earned and appears as an element of who we are.

How do I develop respect for myself and others?

Respect is an expectation. By appreciating ourselves, we project that appreciation in our feelings and actions toward others. We treat others with respect and dignity. We are human beings with normal responses to giving and receiving kindness. Respect becomes our awareness and is demonstrated through our thoughts and behaviors. Notice others. Recognize their importance, be genuine, be courteous, offer a good deed, express appreciation, and be helpful and caring by your own nature. This brings joy to you as it is reflected to others.

How does this play a role in my life and business?

Respect is a personal role as well as a business role. Again, it is who you are and how you treat others. Getting along with family and friends, learning to like yourself and to be proud of yourself sets an example for others. All of these traits matter in the business world as well. Professionals excel because of their inner drive, training, and because of the leadership example of others.

Is it possible to avoid being disrespectful?

When you are mindful of others and aware of the impact of your presence and actions, being disrespectful would not be considered one of your responses or a part of your core value of respect.

What is the best way to build presence, grow, share, and incorporate the value of respect?

All of the examples above define building presence. It is a behavior pattern that you choose to work on daily with the intention of achievement and peace of mind. Serving others becomes an expectation of excellence with those you encounter in your circle of influence.

“Bring presence into whatever you do.”
-Eckhart Tolle

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