Focus on Energy

Your energy is how you are known by others and yourself. You like yourself more when you function with high energy. Others gravitate toward you because you own your confidence, caring, and accomplishments by the decision to be a person of positive, focused energy.

Cultivate positive energy

  1. Display a positive belief in the potential of yourself and others.
  2. Outline your daily objectives and set a timeline to accomplish.
  3. Clarify priorities.
  4. Avoid all distractions. Stay focused.
  5. Get proper rest.
  6. Eat healthy, energy building foods.
  7. Create an awareness of items causing stress. Defuse areas of stress and build in time for relaxation.
  8. Set realistic goals. Achieve your goals with ease and pride.
  9. Congratulate yourself and others for accomplishments.

Positive energy characteristics

People of focused energy display a positive attitude, optimism and are action oriented. They are happy, creative, intentional, and produce high levels of results. At the same time, they are friendly and interested in the welfare of others.

Manage your energy rather than your time

Time is an exact resource. Energy is totally different in appearance. Define your high energy, most productive part of each day. Focus on completing your most important tasks during your prime time. Be aware that multitasking can undermine productivity. Set your standards for what you would like to accomplish during this time block. Identify distractions and set a plan to avoid all items that change your focus. Make your energy work for you.

Apply energy to your values and purpose

Value yourself enough to live your values and accomplish your purpose. Be consistent with your daily goals and activities so that they represent what you value most.

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