Is change good for you?

What is changing in your life and business?  Are you making new decisions to move yourself forward?

What are your beliefs about change?  Is it good for you, or are old habits holding you back?

As stated by Dr. Wayne Dyer in his recent book, “Excuses Begone,” our old habits can influence our current actions in an unfulfilling manner.  Seven questions that make up a new set of beliefs are:

1.     Is it true?

2.     Where did the excuses come from?

3.     What’s the payoff?

4.     What would my life look like if I couldn’t use these excuses?

5.     Can I create a rational reason to change?

6.     Can I access universal cooperation in shedding old habits?

7.     How do I continuously reinforce this new way of being?

Take an “excuse-free” approach to your life and business.

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