Contemplation is great me time.

“Me” time is essential to your physical and emotional health.

It is critical to carve out time in your daily schedule for pleasure and relaxation.

Health studies show that when this is missing, people are more likely to suffer from depression, illness, and low self esteem.  As an example, Friday can be designated as your “me” day.  Early morning can be noted in your appointment book as a “me” appointment.  The important factor is that you implement the habit of setting “me” time for yourself with things you enjoy the most

As an example, a female Regional Account Executive for a Fortune 500 Company spent her working hours traveling from one location to another.  By the time she arrived home, took care of household responsibilities, a child in college, she had no time left to regroup.  We worked through a plan of “me” time in her scheduling, allowing time for yoga and aromatherapy.  Taking this action on a regular basis as my client said, “became life changing”.  Her work and life are in alignment.

Honor yourself with the habit of “me” time.  Decide that you are worth it!  Recognize the items that represent this calming release of the stresses of the day.  Is it rest, is it music, is it laughter, is it aromatherapy, is it connecting with a friend, is it exercise, or is it meditation; a time to be still?

I encourage you to be mindful, increase your awareness, and balance each day with work and play.  Take breaks to refresh and renew your spirit.

Allowing “me” time will create a healthier, happier you, living a balanced lifestyle.  It is your choice!