Flickr Photo by Barta

Become aware of what’s important

In our Business Success Dynamics Mastermind sessions, we have identified that every decision matters.  When we think about all of the distractions and drains on our time and energy, it is necessary that we know our most productive time of day and focus on high outcome for that time period.  We are also aware of planned events and appointments.  It is our responsibility to schedule around those to maximize results.  Purposefully set your own agenda.  Concentrate on what’s important, not what’s unimportant.  Know yourself.  Make good choices.

Block off time for what’s important

Consider intentional time blocking.  What will this mean for you?  How will this impact your productivity?  What can you let go of?  What freedom and peace of mind will you enjoy?

“It’s not what you do one day; it’s what you do every day.”