Personal development

Personal Development

How do you see yourself? Are you becoming the person you want to be? Today we are going to focus on personal development.

Time to assess

As you probably created a list of goals for 2016 back in January, you may have been super motivated. You may have set intentions to read a number of self-improvement books and articles and vowed to attend more business development and networking events. Well, how are you doing now that we are at the halfway point in the year?

Personal development legend Jim Rohn said, “Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.”

It takes discipline

We have heard it over and over again: practice, practice, practice. It takes discipline to hone the skills you need to become successful. And it takes repetition of those skills to become habits. We all know people who seem to be natural born leaders. They make it look so easy! But it didn’t happen overnight.

Form good habits

You will find that they worked hard to develop excellent skills, made better decisions on a daily basis and formed good habits to achieve successful results. Read more about the science of developing good habits from James Clear.

A lifelong challenge

Personal development is challenging. It is ongoing throughout your entire lifetime. We are all works in progress, and it takes continuous improvement to become the best person you can be. It reminds me of another one of my favorite quotes from Jim Rohn:

“How do you develop an above average income? Simple. Become an above average person.”

It’s up to you. The path to success, joy, wellness, purpose, fulfillment, meaning and happiness starts with you.

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