Photo of mountain reflected in a lake. Inspirational image of peaceful setting

What is the meaning of inspiration and why does it matter?

Inspiration matters and plays an important role in the outcomes of life. It brings about clarity and awareness of new possibilities. Inspiration can show up in the form of a vision, leading us to greater possibilities. Inspired people are open to experience inspiration in their daily lives and have a strong drive to master their work. They believe in themselves and have high self-esteem, creativity, optimism and self-awareness.

How do you live an inspired life?

Inspiration can be the beginning of creativity. It also facilitates progress toward goals. You can begin by developing a positive attitude and driving yourself to success. This provides happiness, belief, and a way to recharge and build relationships. Sources for personal inspiration can be found in quotes and writings that inspire and provide daily motivation.


To inspire and motivate are attributes that all leaders must possess. Communication skills and effective engagement is key to success. Leaders do not necessarily have to be charismatic to inspire others. They can have deep values, be highly ethical, as well as champion a cause. People who rate on this are also highly committed, whether that be to an organization or a cause. People can be inspired both intellectually and emotionally, through feelings, thoughts, and needs. They have the ability to apply their own meaning and purpose. In leadership, this can be a powerful bond resulting in high levels of loyalty, contribution and work satisfaction. There is a connection to the individual and their identity, displaying feelings of being valued, supported and trusted.

“Everything you can imagine is real.”  ― Pablo Picasso


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