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The critical issue of time is an important focus for all business owners.

As we reflect on our purpose, we understand that the following concept by Patrick Morley, The Man in the Mirror, has a major impact on the way we live our lives.

Purpose-Priorities-Plans-Goals “Our purpose helps us prioritize.  Our priorities form solid ground for us to stand on when we make plans and set goals.  Time management is not more or less than strategically engineering this progression:  From purpose to priorities to plans and goals.”

As you set your priorities, ask yourself, “If this is the only thing I get done today, will I feel good about the day?”  Your strategy depends on doing the right things, doing first things first, and not confusing activity with productivity.   Time management tips include:

De-Clutter your work space.  A clean work space can decrease stress, increase productivity, and keep you in the flow of your highest energy.

Group like-tasks. You will accomplish more by not having to divert your thought processes.

Designate a block of time for each task category. Setting a digital timer will help you develop this structure and will keep it simple.

Learn to say no. Remember that you are in control of your time.  Say no to low priority items.

Set specific times per day to check e-mail. Avoiding interruptions will keep you focused.

Begin using Windows Search or Xobni Google Search for your desktop.

“When you start to make things happen, you really begin to believe that you can make things happen.  And that makes things happen.”  – David Allen

Feel the excitement of taking control of your time and your life!

The time is now!

*Image from Flickr by zoutedrop