Reflect and change your life

In our busy lives we are so focused on the tasks at hand that we rarely take the time to reflect. I mean really put aside a few moments to assess our day, or our week, or the completion of a big project.

Why take the time to reflect?

We define our intention, we set goals, and we make lists. Then we hastily work diligently to accomplish each and every one of them. To what purpose? For our growth and happiness of course!

Reflect on your long term goals

Sometimes we lose sight of our ultimate long term goals, lost in the minutia of our everyday lives. Taking time to reflect helps us to see the bigger picture and reminds us of why we are doing all of this in the first place.

Ask yourself questions

How do you reflect? You can start by asking yourself questions. Why was your day good? Or bad? How did it make you feel? Were there challenges? What uplifted you?

Change your life

I found this article helpful in defining the kind of questions you might want to ask yourself: These 7 Questions Will Change Your Life by Peter Economy, The Leadership Guy at
It may help guide your reflection. You never know, it may change your life!

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