Trust your intuition and instincts when making connections

Unspoken Message. Unspoken Need.

Have you ever met someone at a business meeting, networking event, or social engagement that you felt had an unspoken need?  Because I coach, mentor, and train professionals on a daily basis, I am particularly sensitive to hearing the unspoken message. Intuition guides me to make a real connection to begin a meaningful conversation.

Create Privacy and Build Trust

What is my next step when this occurs?  I make eye contact, move closer for one-on-one communication, and approach with a comment of caring.  By reaching out to them, it gives them an opportunity to respond without feeling put on the spot or having to divulge information without first establishing privacy and trust.


And what happens next?  The person shows warmth, a smile, or sometimes even a tear to let you know you have touched their feelings or tapped into an internal issue of struggle.  I respond with a sincere comment or question.  For example:

  • “I feel that your world is not all cheery today.”
  • “I feel that you are not joyful today.”
  • “Is there something that you would like to share privately?”

From that point, explore the possibility of speaking privately or setting time for coffee or tea to open the door for a conversation. Connection is one of the most fundamental and valuable elements of business.

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Sometimes you are not “just fine”

It is truly amazing the number of people who benefit from another person showing true concern.  They welcome it.  We hear professionals say how great everything is, and the truth is that they may be hiding their pain and difficulties.  For more on this issue, I recommend the book  “Stop Saying You’re Fine: Discover a More Powerful You” by Mel Robbins.

My theory on this is to be REAL, for yourself and for others!  It is our purpose on this earth to help others.


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