Decisions shape our destiny

To a large degree, life is about decision making. The decisions we make determine our progress and success in life and business. These choices ultimately shape our destiny.

Our values guide our decision making process. Should we abide by healthy eating habits, miss an obligated meeting, let distractions stand in the way of completing tasks on schedule, or not keep our word on commitments? By evaluating our values and determining our desire for an outcome, we suddenly have the tools to make the best decisions for the best possible results.

How then do we go about making choices in a given circumstance?

Get all the Information

Consider the details and glean as much information as you can before making a decision. The higher the stakes, the more data required. It’s important to know that our choices will help us serve someone and promote positive energy and goodwill. How will your decision affect your enterprise, yourself and others? Will your decision sustain your principles or lower them?

Follow Through

Once you’ve made your decision, move forward. Take action. Make that value added phone call to a loyal client. Offer leadership support to a struggling employee. Make a commitment and follow through to support a chosen non-profit. We aren’t truly making good choices when we do not push through to the end. By following through, we are true to ourselves and to others. We are making progress toward a life of integrity and achievement.


Taking time to evaluate our decisions is key to self-improvement. Learning the lessons along the way and our course of action strengthen our muscle memory for better choices in the future. In the end, it’s far better to decide and act than to do nothing at all.

Celebrated author and positive thinking guru Anthony Robbins underscores the critical nature of life’s decisions in a recent web article. Knowing that making a questionable decision can lead to pain and suffering, “why do some of us continue to make poor decisions?”

It’s not, he says, about self-control as much as it is about upholding our values and standards. “Raise your standards, or make a shift in your beliefs and values, and then you will make the right choices,” he adds.

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