Believe in Yourself and Take Action

Creating Belief by Taking the First Step

Are you asking yourself, “Where do I even start? How do I take action”?

Do you believe in yourself?

More importantly: Do you believe you can do it? What is your mindset? According to Napoleon Hill:

 “It can be truthfully said that seldom in life will you fail to accomplish an act or achieve a purpose if you condition your mind properly before you start. It all depends on the way you condition your mind. Take possession of your own mind and use it. Whatever your mind can conceive and believe it can achieve.”

As I see this applied to a definite purpose, taking the first step and actually producing results gives you enormous belief in yourself. It is truly “believing by doing.” Your energy is expanded exponentially by taking the first step. Empower yourself and others. Create belief by taking action!

Take Action! Take the first step

  1. Be specific with what you plan to accomplish.
  2. Research the resources that will assist you in completing your plan.
  3. Define the projects and activity that will produce results.
  4. Create timelines with specific dates for each of your short term and long term goals.
  5. Schedule your time daily, weekly and monthly and measure results.
  6. See yourself taking the next step.  Believe!

Daily Affirmations

Daily, positive affirmations can be very effective to reinforce your determination to accomplish your goals. I highly recommend starting and ending your day with powerful, positive written and spoken affirmations. This is a proven strategy toward developing belief and sustaining high achievement. Sources for implementation of positive affirmations are:

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