Business Coach Shirlie Taylor Workshop Leader

County Offers Three Workshops for National Small Business Week

Since my passion and professional background is to coach entrepreneurs and small business owners, Small Business Week is particularly timely and significant. Business coaching professionals and the owner’s community involvement contribute powerfully to a small business’s success.

From the time an entrepreneur begins work on a business plan, and takes the steps to make valued connections, to the establishment of  a successful venture, each careful step can lead to success. It is through trust, working through a plan together, leadership, and accountability that success is real and achieved more quickly.

Small Business Week in Charleston May 12-16

The recognition of business owners and entrepreneurs is well deserved.  I would personally like to take the time to acknowledge the hard work and dedication of business owners.  Take a moment to follow the link for the upcoming May 2014 Small Business Week event hosted by Charleston County Small Business Enterprise Program to find out more about how attending this event can help you become more successful.

Professional Development

Participants learned:

  1. New initiatives sponsored and available through the Charleston Metro Chamber which help small business owners and entrepreneurs stay up to date with current business trends and opportunities.
  2. How to use social media to establish your online presence and stay top of mind with current contacts, while expanding your positive reach to serve new customers.  Establish your brand and differentiate yourself and your business by the value you deliver.
  3. Tips to establish valued relationships through effectively connecting and interacting with like-minded professionals.  Learn the process of improved business networking.
  4. How impeccable business ethics create a culture of integrity and trust and why it matters.

If you or your organization is interested in having Shirlie Taylor create a professional development opportunity to increase your interactions and associate with like-minded small business owners and entrepreneurs, please email her.

Shirlie Taylor received the Certificate of Appreciation from Charleston County Council in 2012 for her inspiration, leadership and dedication to small business growth. She will be a presenter along with other community leaders for the 2014 Small Business Week.