Control time and increase productivity.

Control Time, Gain Life.

Many people work very hard and feel they have little to show for it. They accept this as a fact of life. Don’t settle for this myth.  You can lead a much more productive and balanced life, both professionally and personally, by taking control of your time.

As a business and life coach, I work with individuals and executives to help them improve their work / life balance and feel more productive. Here are a few of my top tips to help you become more productive.

Eliminate Waste

Identify nonessential tasks and inefficient processes.  We are creatures of habit and have a natural tendency to repeat the same behavior, even if it’s unproductive. Keep notes about the inefficiencies of which you become aware. Create a NOT-to-do list. Eliminate anything that is on your NOT-to-do list, and use your regained time to address other priorities which increase your productivity.

Limit Distractions

De-clutter your desk or work space. Limit socializing and leisure Internet use during the day. Designate time blocks for certain activities (email, calls, meeting, etc). Consider turning off email notifications which can interrupt work flow throughout the day and sabotage your productivity. Group similar tasks together, and work through them in an organized fashion.

Improve Processes

Comfort zones can inhibit us both personally and professionally. Don’t let the fear of change keep you from exploring new (and potentially better) ways of doing things. Once you’ve noticed inefficient behavior, change it. Keep in mind that it is easy to fall prey to old patterns and habits. If this is something you struggle with, try working backwards. Start by defining the results you desire, and build a new process, step by step working backwards. You can make adjustments and potentially eliminate some steps all together. Remember that it is important not to over-complicate things.

Utilize Your Network

Your network (business associates/coworkers/employees and strategic partners) is one of your greatest assets. Relationships provide a way to work towards your goals. Frequently ask yourself, “Is this task something I can and should delegate or outsource?” If the answer is yes, pass that task along and move on to something that is a better use of your time. Remember that the most effective business relationships are those in which everyone contributes and has a potential to benefit. When you form strategic partnerships in this manner, the productivity benefits are twofold:

  • Exposure – A strategic partner can expose you to dozens of new contacts, if not more.  This maximizes gain (securing multiple new clients vs. one at a time) and maximizes your time investment.
  • Credibility – Your strategic partners have already established credibility with their clients.  Their transferred endorsement improves your credibility… And again this is with a minimal investment of time.

Evaluate Productivity Results

You’ve made a conscious effort to be more productive. Is it working? Track changes and corresponding data (sales, output, etc). Look for patterns and trends over time. Focus on the changes that achieve favorable results. Continue to evaluate productivity on a regular basis, and take a proactive approach to process improvement.

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