Top Executives need mentoring too

Do you feel alone?

Have you ever felt alone in the workplace? Did you become a business owner or have you been promoted to the CEO of a large organization? What are your guidelines and best practices? How do you handle this transition? Where do you start to put your career on track!

Meeting challenges at the top

A leadership position can be very challenging. Management training, professional development, and leadership skills are critical factors and can be acquired through education, experience and business coaching programs. New business owners are more likely to allow time for this training than a CEO. So how does a CEO gain these skills, manage the expectations of the top position, and receive mentoring? Trusted advisors and experienced role models play a key role.

Mentoring for CEOs

To learn more about the value and benefits of mentoring for CEOs, follow the link to read the article on “CEO’s Need Mentors Too,” a recent study published in the Harvard Business Review.


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