Define Your Values

“As we see ourselves, so do we become.”
– Author unknown

Last month my blog focused on leadership values and the distinction between your value (worth) and your values (principles). Many of you asked for help in how to go about determining what the most important things to you are in both how you live your life and the way in which you work. In essence, how to define your own values.

What are your real priorities?

Knowing and understanding your values will help with your decision making process in how you live your life and conduct business. When you have clearly defined values, it’s easier to decide the right path for yourself when making difficult decisions.

Define your values

In each of the questions below think about your experiences in both your personal life and in your business career. It is important that your values in life match up with your business values to maintain a healthy balance and for all to feel ‘right’ in your world.

  1. What made you the happiest?
  2. When were you the most proud?
  3. What most fulfilled you?
  4. Based on your assessment above, determine your top ten values
  5. Write your values down
  6. Evaluate each value on your list and then put them in order of priority

Validate your values

Does your list of values define you? Do they make you happy? Proud? Fulfilled? If so, then you are well on your way to make the most of who you truly are.

If you need help in determining what values are most important to you, such as integrity, honesty, leadership, positivity and commitment, please contact me. I can guide you through the process to become your best self.

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