Dream come true Leadership Book published

Dream realized

Have you ever had a dream that you held on to and were convinced that one day you would make come true? Yes, we all do! And as a coach, my goal is to help you realize your dream.

Today, I am excited to announce that I have taken my own advice and made one of my long term dreams come true! My book, The Power of Exceptional Leadership is in print!

Leadership ‘how to’ guide

Based on a lifetime in leadership positions and working with successful leaders in all fields, my book defines the core traits and skills of exceptional leadership. Packed with encouragement and inspiring examples, it is a concise ‘how to’ book to develop your own leadership potential.

Press Release

“The Power of Exceptional Leadership” published by Charleston business consultant to help tomorrow’s leaders fill leadership void

Book is packed with practical insights and ideas which readers can immediately apply

CHARLESTON, SC – Charleston business consultant Shirlie Taylor announces the publication of “The Power of Exceptional Leadership.” Available on Amazon.com in both softcover and Kindle e-book versions, the book is written to encourage and outline a path for achieving exceptional leadership. In the book, Taylor provides powerful lessons to anyone who wants to become a leader or those desiring to increase their leadership presence. To learn more about the book, visit ThePowerOfExceptionalLeadership.com.

It is Taylor’s mission to create leaders. To encourage, help, and to make a lasting change in the world. Through her work as a consultant to entrepreneurs, corporate executives and individuals in all types of businesses, Taylor has aided the professional evolution of many who hold power positions. She observes that successful leaders have traits which anyone can learn. In “The Power of Exceptional Leadership”, Taylor distills her observations into nine chapters each focused on a single aspect of leadership development.

When asked why she wrote this book, Taylor says, “As I observed what is happening in the business world, inside organizations and our government, and with business associates and clients, I saw such a tremendous need for exceptional leadership. In today’s world people are crying out for guidance and direction in their lives and professional choices. In order to change our world we need people to step up and fill the role of leader.” Taylor observes, “When good and capable individuals fail to step up, those with lesser capabilities or intention tend to fill the void.”

Taylor is available to present to groups and organizations on the topic of leadership or to facilitate leadership workshops.

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