Become an influencer

What impact do influencers make?

Influencers earn the confidence to make an impact through their daily actions. They are driven internally to innovate, speak their mind, and help others move forward by passionately sharing their skills and insights.

How do you recognize the influencers in your life?

Typical, consistent characteristics include:

  1. Do their own thinking and act on what they know.
  2. Ask questions for the purpose of making things better.
  3. Serve as an inspiration for new ideas.
  4. Leverage their connections by adding value to others.
  5. Identify and focus on what truly matters.
  6. Are open to the opinions of others.
  7. Take intentional action.
  8. Mindfully respond to situations and avoid overreacting.
  9. Have high expectations and belief in the power to achieve.

How can you increase your influence?

  1. Prepare and make a firm commitment to take action today.
  2. Identify three influencing goals.
  3. Communicate and build relationships.
  4. Leave positive thoughts in the minds of the people you meet.
  5. Research people with whom you are meeting.
  6. Collaborate with your mentor.
  7. Set up appointments. Create social validation.
  8. Be specific about what you would like to accomplish.
  9. Be informed in an effort to understand and resolve the other person’s issues.
  10. Learn from one who is held in high regard and is an example of influence.
  11. Be sincere, genuine and thoughtful.
  12. Initiate new habits to increase your awareness as you reach out to others.

Influence is a key leadership skill. Develop it to the fullest!


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