Business alliances help businesses grow
Being joined with other business people can provide powerful advantages

al·li·ance [uh-lahy-uhns]  -noun: a merging of efforts or interests by persons or organizations

Do you take for granted the honesty and integrity of your network or alliance of business colleagues? In a word:  don’t.

Alliances Are Essential

Over the years I’ve realized that building an alliance of professionals who support one another with integrity is an essential component of building my (or your) business.

Seek to build associations with business people who share your core values. When trying to determine if you want to add them to your alliance, test them out to see if their customer service and style complement yours.

Avoid Alliances With “Users”

Avoid people who seem to want to be part of your alliance but don’t bring value to it. You will know who adds value by the quality of their referrals or promotional efforts on behalf of your business.

Alliances work

A well-rounded alliance can help your business grow and prosper, and it is worth the time to develop and refine.