What questions should you ask to find the why of your life?

When you act from your passion, you increase your impact

What are you passionate about? Are you connecting with your passion and focusing your attention, influence and actions on what matters? When you do this, you grow your impact as no one else can. You connect to a cause, which represents who you are and what you care about.

Working from strength, you are more productive

Analyze your innate strengths. This is a place where talent and skill define your passion. You become more productive, add more value, and enjoy personal and professional fulfillment. Observing opportunities, being creative, defining solutions, and being a good communicator are qualities that allow you to thrive.

Your strengths lead to feeling alive

So, where do you come alive? Where do you add the greatest value? Through your strengths, you can apply your skills, education, knowledge and experience to focus on problem solving, opportunities and career paths to find the greatest sense of contribution.

Take your stand and align your life around it. Live your life with a clear purpose. Focus on the things that matter and find meaning in how you do what you do.

Step into your power of why!