Your comfort zone

Your current comfort zone

What does your comfort zone look like to you?  How does it feel?  Are you happy there?  Is your current comfort zone meeting all of your needs?  First, describe your surroundings and how you spend your time.  Second, describe your feelings.  Are you content and peaceful?  Third, define your needs.  Does your current comfort zone allow you to be inspired, to learn and grow, and to explore new opportunities?

Moving outside your comfort zone

Can you imagine the challenge of living “outside your comfort zone”?  Are you willing to explore a new level of happiness, self-satisfaction and self-worth?  What would hold you back?  What thoughts are you willing to let go of in order to create new thoughts and experiences?

Learning that you are worth it

What new things will you discover about yourself?   Continuous learning and improving opens doors for new opportunities.  Your fears will be minimized.  You will feel positive about your decisions.  You will have a new sense of strength, freedom, adventure, and accomplishment. Indeed, You are worth it!


Take advantage of the following resources to build your confidence, to embrace change, and to inspire you to move outside your comfort zone.

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