George Washington

We each carry the responsibility for our lives. It is very easy to blame others for the things that we need to take charge of. As your coach, we work together so that you can identify the areas of your life for which you have responsibility.

This post in Chris Brogan’s blog is very to the point about how the world has changed and how each of us is, now more than ever, the President of our own Career.

“This year is slated to be tricky. If you’re an employee, it’s tough because your budget was just cut. It’s tough because some people were just laid off. It’s tough because you’re going to have to do more with what little you have. They want more from you. Oh, and were you thinking about your career as if it were something moving up and to the right? Uh, no.

The thing is, there really never was a career path for you. That was something for your dad, or you about four careers ago. But those paths are gone. There’s not really even an indent any more where they were left. So, let’s just level with you now: congratulations. You’re the president of your career.”

Follow the link to gain more insight into how you can take responsibility for your career and life. If you need assistance doing this, contact us for your complimentary session to learn more about how coaching with Business Success Dynamics can help move you forward to your dreams.