Rebecca Gooden

When I met Shirlie Taylor of Business Success Dynamics, little did I know the positive impact that she would have on my life — personally and professionally. For such a mild-mannered, diminutive woman, she packs a powerful punch.

Shirlie came along at a time when I was seeking clarity in my life. Although I have always been a fairly happy, focused, and driven individual, I lacked that “certain something” that I needed to move forward to bigger and better things. She has helped me see things more clearly, move towards achievement of goals, and find direction for all the different aspects of my life.

Shirlie has helped me to increase personal and professional confidence in my abilities, increase my qualified client base, meet short-term goals as well as make progress towards long-term ones, confront obstacles positively and effectively, all while enjoying the process. Her thought provoking questions and statements made me find inner strength and knowledge that I didn’t know existed within me.”