Janet Collins

I started my business in 2007 with big dreams and wonderful plans, just no idea how to get started. A week into my venture, a dear friend introduced me to Shirlie Taylor. Shirlie’s welcoming and gentle presence immediately put me at ease and I have not felt alone since.

She took me by the hand, introducing me to influential individuals in my field, while showing me the ropes of networking. I was struck by her flawless professionalism in every situation and her instinctive ability to interact no matter the topic.

On a personal level, Shirlie gently exposed my weaknesses and encouraged my strengths. I became stronger and more effective in not only my professional life, but also in my private affairs. With her always by my side, my business blossomed, my presence in the business community thrived, and my confidence became unshakable.

I owe so many of my successes to Shirlie and her abilities. Everything she teaches, she embodies. Everything she embodies, she wholeheartedly believes. Everything she believes, she represents without having to speak a word.

It is a privilege to know her, to work with her, and an honor to have been affected so positively by one individual.”