Douglas Hart

“My family and I relocated to Charleston several years ago from the northeast where I enjoyed a career as a Wall Street executive for 15yrs. as well as owned my own small business that I operated for the past 7 years.  I recently sold the business up north, and decided that it was time to reinvent myself and create a new chapter in my professional life in Charleston.  As fate would have it, the universe decided to place Shirlie Taylor in my life and I had an absolutely delightful experience working hand-in-glove with her over a period of approximately eight months.

Shirlie walked me through an incredibly thorough evaluation of my strengths and weaknesses which allowed me to do the necessary soul searching to find a career that will provide me with personal satisfaction for the next phase of my professional life.  After we determined what industry to pursue, Shirlie opened up her “treasure trove” of a  Rolodex, and got to work getting me introduced to many of the most influential players in the Charleston business community.  It was through the networking skills that I developed while working with Shirlie that I eventually discovered the right people at the right firm where I am currently pursuing my new career.  I am eternally grateful on many levels for the experience of working with Shirlie!”